1/14 Paia, Maui, Hawaii

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This historic town on Maui's north shore is sort of a vacation spot for people who've been on vacation since the '60s. For everyone else, it's known as the home of the legendary 50-foot wave Jaws, or that kind of weird place you pass on your way to Hana. The town itself is made up of only about three blocks, lined with eclectic shops, eateries and hemp vendors. It's not popular with the typical tourist crowd as its closest beaches are known for their massive waves, though you'll will find safer waters at Tavares Bay, on the town's edge. 

For those that like to get off the beaten path, the unique blend of shops, boutiques, and restaurants that make up Paia make it a great destination, nestled along some of Maui's best beaches and still surrounded by sugar cane.