1/15 Trip Feast in Thailand

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Just about everyone who travels knows Thailand is a street-food paradise. Local street food is hard to beat anywhere, but there may be no place better to sample it than in Thailand. In just minutes, street vendors whip up amazing Pad Thai along with dishes you'll probably never knew existed as well as foods for the more adventurous, like dried insects. You could easily spend months here snacking on delights like barbecued squid, spicy noodles and oyster omelets. 

Trip Feast offers an eight-day culinary tour that includes classes at some of the country's best cooking schools as well as the chance to explore the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and take trips to mussel farms, fishing villages and a tropical climate winery on the western edge of the Bay of Bangkok. Visits to Buddhist temples, an after dark tour of Bangkok's Chinatown and tuk tuk rides are all included.