1/18 Hanalei, Hawaii

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Hanalei, set on the North Shore of Kauai, one of the most unspoiled and spectacularly beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands, offers the most ideal surfing conditions on Kauai.  The waves are known to reach 20 feet, with the biggest occuring in the center of the bay, referred to as "pinetrees" by the locals.  

Hanalei is surrounded by diverse wave-riding spots, including everything from the beginner-friendly rides at the Hanalei Pier to challenging, expert-only reef breaks. Pros love this town for its overhead tubes and consistently fine waves. Everyone will appreciate the natural beauty of the area and the laid-back feel. Set in a horseshoe Bay, waterfalls cascade down sheer, dramatic cliffs in the background, providing one of the most breathtaking scenes for riding those perfect waves.