16 Top Surfing Spots Across the Globe

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Here's where you can find some of the world's top surfing destinations

17 of Ireland's Most Picturesque Villages

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If you're planning a trip to Ireland, or are just thinking about going "someday," these beautiful villages are sure to inspire you to get packing.

Best Vacation Spots For Animal Lovers

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If you’re going on vacation and you happen to be an animal lover, there are a few places in the world that can provide you with the beauty of the natural world, and a diverse number of wildlife for your enjoyment. Here are 10 spots that you should put on your bucket list to explore.

10 Great Whale Watching Trips You Can Take

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Whale watching is a different kind of vacation experience. It’s really about enjoying the ocean, and the anticipation of waiting for that first sighting of a whale. It’s also about appreciating the wonder, beauty and stillness of the natural world. With that in mind, here are 10 great whale watching trips that are worth exploring.

7 Prime Bird Watching Trips

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Bird watching may seem like a sedentary activity, but it’s actually one of the most exciting activities you can do on a vacation. It’s not just about standing around looking at birds. It’s about tracking birds as they wing their way through the sky, land and settle and do it again. It’s also about watching birds hunt in their natural habitat, and observing their unique social interactions with each other. If you’re planning a bird watching trip, here are 10 places you may want to consider.

10 Great Places To Go Hunting

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Whether you’re a big game hunter or just a weekend warrior, hunting can be one of the most thrilling vacations you can take. And if you’re looking for a hunt that will get your blood pumping and surround you in exotic beauty, here are 10 destinations that may be just what the hunting doctor ordered.

10 Skydiving Locations You Need To Try

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If you’re one of those kinds of people who isn’t interested in a ‘calm’ vacation, but instead, want an action-packed event that leaves you shaken and stirred, then skydiving may be the thing for you. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, skydiving offers the kind of thrill and freedom you seldom experience, so to help you out, here are 10 really cool places with awesome skydiving.

Heaven Sent Parasailing Destinations

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Parasailing is a thrilling recreational activity that is best enjoyed in locales that are picturesque, because you’re up in the air, being towed behind a boat, giving you a fantastic view from above. Whether you’re doing solo parasailing, or you have multiple people in the parasail, you want to do it in the most beautiful destination possible. Here are some ideas of places to go that can meet that goal.

Awe Inspiring Helicopter Tours

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Touring some of the world’s major sights by helicopter is a fantastic way to get a new perspective that you wouldn’t have any other way. And if you’ve never taken a helicopter tour, you may not even be aware of some of the cool things you can actually do when you book a tour, so to help you, here are some awe inspiring airborne tours that will get your blood pumping.

Heart Pounding Rock Climbs

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Rock climbing is one of the most grueling, exciting and active things you can do in your life. It may not seem like the ideal getaway, but once you’re out on that massive outcropping trying to conquer what nature has wrought, there’s few things than can compare to the challenge, effort and triumph you feel when you reach the summit. So if you’re ready for a new kind of experience, here are some of the most heart pounding rock climbing destinations in the world.