1/10 The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

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Just imagine sleeping in a room encapsulated within an aquamarine-hued bubble and waking up to watch the reef fish pass by. At Manta Resort, you can do just that. This floating structure that has the feel of a private island, can be reached via a 2-minute boat trip. It offers three levels, each with its own unique experience. At sea level, the landing deck includes a bathroom facility and lounge area. A ladder leads up to the roof where you can soak up the sunshine during the day and gaze at a star-filled sky after dark – especially incredible with its striking clarity minus any light pollution. 

Downstairs, you'll find the Underwater Room, where you'll lie your head down at night surrounded by glass, taking in the nearly 360 degree view of the shoals of reef fish and an array of other marine life like bat fish, trumpet fish and even manta ray. Underwater spotlights at night attract some of the more unusual ocean inhabitants, like squid.