1/11 Nederland, Colorado

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This mountain town tucked into the Colorado Rockies just west of Boulder, is home to the world-renowned "Frozen Dead Guy Days" festival, the state's most bizarre festival which celebrates a Norwegian immigrant whose dead body is still frozen in one of the town's Tuff Sheds. It exemplifies Nederland's quirkiness in the most unique way possible. Grandpa Bredo, from Norway, has been dead for many years now and even has his own caretaker who periodically hauls dry ice to the shed to ensure he stays preserved. 

The festival features all kinds of weird events, including an Ice Queen & Grandpa look-a-like costume contest, coffin racing, ice turkey bowling, polar plunging, brain freeze contests and a parade of hearses. Nederland is also an outdoor lover's paradise in addition to being home a great music scene and plenty of colorful characters.