1/11 Cerro Torre

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There are so many unique, beautiful and stunning mountains in the world and Cerro Torre, Argentina and Chile is one of them. The beautiful Cerro Torre is located on the border and is between Chile and Argentina. These mountains are found in southern Argentina and have granite walls that are sheer and rise over 4,000 feet high.

There are four mountains in this area, including the Cerro Torre. These mountains include the Punta Herron, Torre Egger, and the Cerro Standhart. The Cerro Torre is the highest mountain out of all of them. It is known as one of the most coveted peaks in the entire world because it is so difficult to climb. Although it is the highest of these four mountains, it is not particularly known for how tall it is. This mountain is known for the bad weather that comes in the area. It is also known for the incredible difficulty climbers have in tackling this mountain.