1/12 Aogashima Volcano

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This volcano is actually a Japanese Island that is in the Philippine Sea and it is gorgeous to look at. This amazing volcanic island is the island that is most isolated when it comes to the Izu archipelago. It is a great tropical island that is absolutely stunning. What is incredible is that about 200 people live in the volcanic island Aogashima. The island is governed by and is a part of Japan.

There is even a helipad and a general store on the Aogashima island. There are vents of hot steam everywhere, which are for the public sauna that is available. Some people even cook at these events. There hasn't been a huge eruption at this volcano for the last 200 years but 140 people died at the last eruption. If you are a risk taker, you should definitely visit the Aogashima volcano. You will definitely capture some incredible pictues at this island.