1/11Sutherland Falls

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Sutherland Falls is a wonderful 580m waterfall found in New Zealand. It is close to Milford Sound. It is said to be the tallest waterfall in all of New Zealand. It is definitely one of the prettiest.

This waterfall is a high-volume waterfall and it was named after Donald Sutherland. This is one of the greatest waterfalls in all of New Zealand. Most of them are a bit difficult to get to but they are totally worth it because they are absolutely stunning. In order to see the Sutherland Falls, you must go by foot. If you are a power hiker, you could go to see the falls within 24 hours. The waterfall has three different drops which stand at 338 feet tall, 815 feet tall, and 751 feet tall. From up high, the waterfalls look like they are one drop, not three. The Sutherland Falls are some of the prettiest waterfalls in the world.