1/12 St. Pauls Grotto, Malta

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    Named St. Pauls Grotto because it is said that in A.D 60 St. Paul, who was at the time a Roman prisoner, was shipwrecked on Malta and was rumored to have sheltered in this cave. According to Bible text, it states in Act 28 that Paul was treated very well by the Maltese and it is said that during his stay he survived a venomous snake bite as well as performed miracles to cure some of the local people. The Maltese, in turn, viewed him as a god.

    Via LonelyPlanet - "Beside St Paul's Church, stairs lead down into the Grotto of St Paul , a cave where the saint is said to have preached during his stay in Malta. The statue of St Paul was gifted by the Knights in 1748, while the silver ship to its left was added in 1960 to commemorate the 1900th anniversary of the saint's shipwreck. Come in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the tour groups that congest the narrow space."